Rostov State Medical University, Russia

Rostov State Medical University is a Russian public university of higher professional education and ministry on health and social medicine. Rostov State Medical University is also known as Rostov State Medical Institute, RostSMU, RostGMU, Rostov State Government Medical University.

In 1915, the Division of Medicine at the Russian Warsaw University was moved to Rostov on Don and that gave rise to the present day Rostov State Medical University. It was initially formed as a department and later transformed into a medical Institute in 1930. There were about 295 graduating doctors in the first graduating class of the newly formed school.

Due to the diversity in the students that attended the University, an award of the Order of Friendship was awarded to the University in 1980. With students from all parts of the world represented.

In 1994, the Rostov Medical Institute which is the largest basic training, research and treatment center in southern Russia was renamed the Rostov Medical University.

n college annually trains over 5000 students and 7000 students – the faculty training and professional retraining of specialists, each year more than 650 people trained in the internship, residency, the graduate school. The university operates the coordinating council for additional post-graduate professional education of the Southern Federal District. In college widely used modern educational technology, including computer.

In 2008, RostSMU Medical established a military training center for students training contract to contract service in the Armed Forces of Russia in the officers’ positions after graduation.

The University operates 91 department, which employs over 800 people teaching staff, of whom more than 130 doctors, professors, about 500 candidates. The university engaged in research and clinical activities, and 3 1 academician, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 52 professors are members of other Russian and international academies, 9 employees are Honored Scientist of Russia, 26 – Honorary Doctor of RF and 10 – Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation.

Rostov State Medical University proves to be one of the oldest Higher Medical educational establishments in Russia. The history of its foundation is significantly different from the history of other medical institutions in Russia. In 1915 the Russian Warsaw University was evacuated from Warsaw to Rostov-on-Don where the University had become the Donskoy University. The best representatives from the medical institutions of Warsaw, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Kazan had gathered in its medical faculty and founded its own unique Rostov medical school that had become one of the best in Russia. Later on the University’s medical faculty and Rostov Medical Women Institute were united and became the largest centre of medical science and training of medical personal in the South of Russia.

The University celebrates its 75 anniversary in 2005. Today the University possesses modern educational buildings, clinics and departments, institutes and faculties supplied with modern diagnostical and medical equipment for training high-qualified specialists.

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