Saratovskiy State Medical University, Russia

At Saratov State Medical University, one of the largest higher education institutions in the South of Russia, where education imparted enables doctors to take pride in their profession, and patients – in their doctors.Sticking to traditions along with their constant improvement and development is the recipe of good education. Established in 1909 by the order of His Majesty Emperor Nicholas II, the University since its foundation has followed the classical pattern of medical education which combines a strong theoretical basis in various areas of knowledge with the subsequent practical training at many clinical departments.

At present, the University is one of the largest medical schools of Russia. A great number of outstanding scientists and physicians, who worked at the University, have contributed immensely both to the development of the University and to that of the medical science on the whole. Today Saratov State Medical University rightfully holds a leading position in the rating of 47 State Medical Universities of Russia. The University is acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is included in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools. Saratov State Medical University is licensed and accredited by the state for preparing specialists in the area of Medicine. University graduates receive national degree in education that confirms their competence and skills to be in accordance with the state educational standards prescribed for their specialties. The University degree confirms that its holder has achieved the standard of theoretical knowledge and practical skills qualified to perform medical activities in accordance with the requirements, and it entitles the person certified to exercise medicine professionally on the territory of  Russia and in other foreign countries.
In 2004, the Independent Public Council awarded Saratov State Medical University a “100 Best State Universities of Russia” gold medal.  Programs and syllabuses that are used in the course of training are those recommended by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).
The University is situated in one of the most beautiful towns on the Volga River. Saratov is a large industrial and cultural center of Russia. The town has a friendly atmosphere, and it is easy to find new friends coming from different parts of the world.
At present, the University include  about 6500 students from over 50 countries studying at the University, about 1000 professors, 7 educational buildings and laboratories, 3 hostels for students, the total area is 136 00 square meters. About 900 highly qualified specialists graduate from Saratov State Medical University every year. The University consists of 6 faculties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Preventive Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychology and also the Institute of Nursing.
Training at the Faculty of General Medicine is carried out in Russian and in English Medium. The University departments are headed by the specialists of higher categories, among whom there are more than 30 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, as well as of international academies. Doctors of Medical Science, Professors and Honored Doctors of Russia share their knowledge and experience with students. The University’s potential in science and research is great.
The largest clinics of the South of Russia, such as the Clinic for Skin and Venereal Diseases, the Clinic for Professional Pathology and Hematology, the city Dental Clinic and other medical institutions of Saratov work in close cooperation with the Saratov State Medical University. Students work there as trainees, getting used to the complex working rhythm of the medical institutions, acquiring the essential skills and the vital experience of doctor’s work.
University’s international activities are being developed in two directions: training of foreign students and launching international projects in the areas of research and practical medicine. Many of the University’s teachers participate at international conferences and seminars, presenting their reports on the new discoveries.
All foreign students are accommodated in comfortable hostels, where they share a room with two or three fellow-students for the whole period of studies. There are sport clubs, cafes and the University’s library next to the hostel buildings, that is everything to make life and study interesting and efficient.
Saratov State Medical University is the basic medical university which teaches the specialists for health system in the prevailing number of Russian regions and many foreign countries. Presently the University plays an important role in formalizing Russian educational space in fulfilling industrial and scientific projects, in paying high-tech medical assistance and in development of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for the health system. The University is aiming to become the research center training highly qualified competitive specialists recognized by international scientific communities on the labor market in accordance with existing and forthcoming requirements of the country, society and the University.
The general goal of the University policy is to insure the competitiveness of the University on the inner and exterior market of educational services in the areas which became traditional for the University. To reach this goal Saratov State University functions on the basis of permanent development of education quality according to international  standards ISO and ENQA:
– orientation to systematic and continuous analysis, forecast and satisfaction of the demands to the quality of education from the inner and the outer educational  consumers.
– orientation to the achievements of the leaders in the sphere of higher education.
– development of professional qualities and educational competence of the university employees.
– creation of favorable atmosphere and basis for creative and fruitful  activity of all the university employees and structural  departments of the university.
– involvement of the employees and students into the process of management of the education quality.
– constant improvement of all the elements of educative activity.
The growth of intellectual potential of the University is proved by the fact that in the last five years there have been defended over 220 doctoral dissertations, published 162 monographs and impressive amount of methodological literature and articles. Nowadays Saratov State Medical University is a modern educational, scientific and cultural centre of Russia.

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