Siberian State Medical University, Russia

” Every day on the basis of modern science and clinical practice to create  the highest quality medical and pharmaceutical education in Russia to improve the lives and health of people ” .

Siberian State Medical University was founded in 1888 as a medical faculty of the Imperial Tomsk University, today it is one of the three best medical universities in Russia, is the best non-capital medical school in Russia, and also the absolute leader in the number of budget places among medical schools beyond the Urals. Since 2017 SibGMU has the status of the only medical support university in Russia. In 2017, the Siberian State Medical University was included in the list of universities selected by the government for the implementation of the export education project. In total, 39 universities are represented in the list, 2 of them are medical: SibGMU and First Moscow State Medical University. I. M. Sechenov.

SibGMU is a large scientific and educational and clinical complex, which includes 7 faculties, where more than 5,000 students from 55 regions of Russia and 24 countries study. The faculty of the university is 80% composed of specialists with academic degrees and titles. SibSMU students have a unique opportunity to undergo training and practice on the basis of their own multidisciplinary clinics, where more than 20,000 patients from all over Russia receive medical care every year. The professional staff of SibGMU clinics doctors is unique – among them there are professors, doctors and candidates of medical sciences. The clinics are equipped with all the necessary modern equipment: an ultramodern 128-slice computer tomograph, an MRI, a gamma camera, endoscopic and ultrasound complexes, and many others.

The SibBUU Scientific Medical Library is the only public medical library in the Tomsk region, the largest specialized library in Siberia. Also, according to the  annual rating of libraries of medical universities, compiled by the Academy of Evidence-Based Medicine in 2016, it is the best in Russia.

The training simulator center of the European level, which is one of two centers in the Russian Federation that received accreditation from the European Society of Medical Simulation (SESAM), is working successfully at the Siberian State Medical University, on a par with the centers of France and Austria.

The university has a large museum complex, where students have the opportunity to study on the basis of unique exhibits, the collections of which have been formed for 120 years. A number of exhibits are the only specimens in the world.

Today SibSMU gives students a modern higher medical education. Authoritative scientific schools and best traditions are combined with a high level of education quality and an honest, uncompromising approach to learning. Worldwide discoveries in the field of medicine were made within the university, and more than 800 doctors of science and professors, 42 academicians, 2 President of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia (Nikolai Burdenko, Vladimir Timakov), RSFSR Health Minister (Anatoly Potapov) and Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Lyudmila Ogorodova).

In 2015, SibGMU became the first medical university in Russia, accredited by the Skolkovo technological park.

In the Siberian State Medical University there is an opportunity in parallel to basic education to undergo training in unique courses in medical English. Language training at the university is given great attention. English speaking club operates regularly.

It is difficult to be a student at the Siberian State Medical University, but it is interesting. Here, everyone can develop their talents and find themselves not only in school, but also in music, sports, volunteerism and much more. The university employs more than 20 diverse creative associations, a student scientific society, there are teams of KVN and its own theater.

The University aims at improving the quality of life and health of the population through innovation in education, research and patient care offering top-quality training, educational and research opportunities to the students.

The Department of General Medicine is the university’s oldest department. It consists of 29 theoretical and clinical divisions, which makes it one of the largest departments at Siberian State Medical University. The department also has more than… students, including …foreign students.

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