St. Petersburg State Chemical-pharmaceutical Academy, Russia

St. Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy is the first higher pharmaceutical educational institution in Russia. Our university is a leader in the preparation of pharmacists and specialists for the domestic chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

According to the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Academy has the highest rating among Russian pharmaceutical and medical universities.

The history and the present of the Academy are connected with the names of the largest Russian scientists.

To prepare specialists of the “highest standard”, we need a high scientific potential, a rich pedagogical experience of teachers, and modern scientific and technical teaching aids. Our Academy has all these terms in full.

The university has comfortable conditions for an interesting full-time study and a benevolent psychological atmosphere. Our young growth works in laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment, and gets the necessary knowledge in spacious lecture rooms, computer classes, a library and an Internet center. And we are proud of the fact that our students at all times have been marked by dedication, diligence, curiosity, vigor, an active life position, the desire to realize their potential, and therefore, to be real professionals in their field.

But the main wealth of the university, of course, is our teachers. Their talent, skill and patience eventually become the capital of those young men and women who have chosen for themselves a noble way of serving people.

Today, when the chemical and pharmaceutical industry of Russia is on the rise, the need for young professionals who are able to successfully solve their professional problems, to translate fresh ideas, to make revolutionary discoveries, is very great. And our university just provides an excellent opportunity to get a high-level professional education, acquire a sought-after specialty and in the future successfully realize its business and creative potential. Therefore, the graduates of our alma mater, having absorbed all the knowledge and civic values ​​gained over the years spent in the Academy under the beneficial influence of its mentors and traditions, gain creative thinking and the ability to develop and implement any strategic plans for the economic development of their organizations and companies.

We strive to ensure that our university is always a place of cooperation and mutual attraction of talented youth, scientists with a world-wide name, representatives of professional communities, state and public figures.

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