Belarussian State Medical University, Belarus

The Belarusian State Medical University is the leading higher medical educational institution of the Republic of Belarus, which has a well-deserved international authority and recognition. The beginning of its history dates back to 1921, when it was announced the opening of the Belarusian State University, which at that time included the medical faculty. In 1930, the Belarusian Medical Institute … Read more

Gomel State Medical University, Belarus

Gomel State Medical University Homiel State Medical University is public teaching university based in Gomel, Belarus. In 1990 Gomel State Medical University was founded as per resolution of the Council of Ministers and Order of the Minister of Health of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is the youngest of four medical universities in Belarus. The main campus of Gomel State Medical … Read more

Grodno State Medical University, Belarus

Grodno State Medical University  is a university in Grodno, Belarus. It specialises in medicine and medical psychology. It is the oldest medical school in Belarus and is considered, according some international sources, the best medical university in Belarus. GrSMU is as a successor of the first medical school in Belarus, the Grodno Medical Academy, established in 1775 by Antoni Tyzenhaus, … Read more

Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University  was founded in November 1934. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments. Since September 1981 Vitebsk State Medical University started to train the overseas students on Preliminary Training, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. The number of foreign students was increasing and in 1997 the Faculty of Overseas Students Training was opened. For … Read more

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