Tver State Medical University, Russia

Tver State Medical Russian is one of the oldest and leading educational institutions in Russia. Today it is a large research, scientific and educational center.

The history of the Tver State Medical Academy opens up in 1902 when the courses for dental students were arranged. In 1936 the Leningrad Dental Institute was founded. In 1954 by the decision of the Soviet government the Institute was transferred from Leningrad to the city of Kalinin (now Tver). 1902 – Dental School was founded in St. Petersburg by I.A. Pashutin. 1919 – The Institute of Public Dentistry was founded and led by E.N. Anderson. 1924 – the 1st Dental Laboratory was organized and led by Z.B. Pirjatinsky. 1926 – St. Petersburg Scientific Dental Polyclinic was organized. 1927 – St. Petersburg Scientific Dental Institute was founded. 1933 – Leningrad Dental Institute was founded. 1936 – Leningrad State Dental Institute was founded. 1954 – Kalinin State Medical Institute was organized. In 1986 the Institute was awarded the Order of People’s Friendship. 1994 – Tver State Medical Academy was formed. In 1994 after the renaming of Kalinin to Tver, the Institute was also renamed and got the status of the Academy.

The Medical Faculty is the biggest structural and functional sub-division of the Academy. The Medical Faculty is based mainly in the Regional Clinical Hospital and some its departments are affiliated to the city hospitals and maternity hospitals. The Pediatric faculty was opened in 1990. The Faculty trains pediatricians not only for Tver, but also for the other regions such as Tula, Bryansk, Pskov and Moscow. TverSMA has a strong Pharmaceutical faculty. It functions in a close connection with the leading pharmaceutical corporations of Russia, which gives remarkable opportunity for its students to pass a unique practical training. Pharmacists graduated from the Faculty has already proved to be an excellent specialists with profound theoretical knowledge and efficient practical skills.

The main directions of international cooperation are cardiology, genetics, pediatrics, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, radiology, surgery and public health. The Academy regularly organizes international academic meetings, scientists and professors from Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Israel, India and other countries are invited to read lectures and to give practical training to the students.

The Tver State Medical Academy has trained medical specialists for foreign countries since 1962. Currently students from more than 50 countries study in Tver State Medical Academy, mainly from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, countries of the Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The approximate proportion of foreign students in the Academy is 30 percent. International students can study in Russian as well as in English Medium. Academy provides intensive Russian language course for all international students.

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