University Agostinho Neto Faculty of Medicine, Angola

The Agostinho Neto University  is a public university based in Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

In the academic year 2005–06, 68 licensing courses were ministered by the university: 18 in Bachelor’s and 15 in Master’s degrees, involving areas of scientific knowledge in the faculties, institutes, and higher learning schools. It is one of seven public (state owned) universities in Angola.

Until 2009 the Agostinho Neto University was the country’s only public university, and had campuses in all its major cities. In 2009 it was split up, with its campuses outside Luanda becoming six autonomous universities, located in Benguela, Cabinda, Huambo, Lubango, Malange, and Uíge.

Agostinho Neto University is now one of the seven regional university among others, serving Luanda Province and Bengo Province. It remains the largest university in Angola.

The UAN campus occupies a space of 20.23 square kilometers . The master plan, developed in 2000 and updated in 2009, was designed with a focus on sustainability, which is implemented in a semi-sandy area, keeping virgin most of the vegetation. The campus boundary is defined by an elliptical street and radial streets or “Ruas do Saber” that runs from the various UAN colleges to the center of the Central Library , the tallest campus building.

The campus has 4 academic buildings (with classrooms, offices and laboratories), the central library, restaurant, student center and conference center.  the Agostinho Neto University Central Library offers academic, scientific, cultural and pedagogical support to the user community through its information services and methodologically coordinates the Agostinho Neto University Libraries System.

The Agostinho Neto University’s College of Medicine (FMUAN) had its remote origin in 1963, then with the designation of Medical-Surgical Course of the University General Studies of Angola, created by the Portuguese Administration by Decree-Law 44530, of August 21, 1962, following the publication on 23 July of the same year of Decree-Law 44472 which annulled the Legislative Decree 3235 of 21 April 1962 of the General Government of Angola.

The designation of Medical-Surgical Course was maintained even after the General University Studies of Angola were designated University of Luanda by virtue of Decree-Law 48790 of December 23, 1968. Only almost a year later on the date of national independence and when on September 28, 1976 the then Minister of Education António Jacinto signs the Portaria 77-A / 76 that transforms the University of Luanda into the University of Angola, did this University’s Courses such as the Medical-Surgical Course become extinct and renamed as Colleges.

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