University of Southampton Faculty of Medicine, UK

University of Southampton School of Medicine is a medical school in England. It is part of the University of Southampton with a site at Southampton General Hospital, offering 5 Medicine courses, all leading to the award of a medical degree Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS). Graduates of the BM5/BM6/BM(EU) programme are also awarded an integrated BMedSc degree.In the past, only the Bachelor of Medicine (BM) degree was awarded.

The school was formed following the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Medical Education (1965-68); their report, popularly known as the Todd Report, was issued in 1968. The Commission estimated that by 1994, the United Kingdom would need to train more than 4500 doctors a year and was of the opinion that this would need to be achieved by both increasing the numbers of medical students at existing medical schools, and by establishing a number of new medical schools. The report recommended that new medical schools should be immediately established at the Universities of Nottingham, Leicester and Southampton. University of Southampton School of Medicine was opened in 1971, with 40 students enrolling. Southampton pioneered the integration of patient contact into the early years of the medical curriculum, something which was very unusual when the medical school opened.

As of 2014 entrance for the BM5 course, there is a minimum requirement of AAA at A level, including chemistry and biology plus either grade A at AS Level in a subject not studied at A2 or grade A in the Extended Project Qualification. General studies and critical thinking are not accepted. Subjects with material that overlaps (e.g. human biology/sports studies, maths/further maths) may not be offered in combination at A level. The UKCAT is also considered.

The Faculty of Medicine leads innovative learning and discovery for better health across the lifecourse.  Every year, 250 new students are admitted to one of their  four Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery programmes, including a four-year graduate entry course and a nationally-acclaimed widening access programme for students who might not normally have the opportunity to study medicine.

All programmes incorporate early patient contact; learning alongside students from nursing and other allied health professions to enhance understanding of the multidisciplinary team approach to modern clinical practice; and the opportunity to engage in an individual research study in depth.

The Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research (SCBR) lies at the centre of Research and Development partnership with University Hospital Southampton. The SCBR enables Southampton to be much greater than the sum of its components, so that researchers work faster and more efficiently. Quality assured nursing, specialist laboratories, clinical governance and facilities mean a wide range of health issues can be efficiently investigated, with confidence.

SCBR is a 5-storey complex of clinical and laboratory space for translational research opened in 2011 by the Secretary of State for Health.

Medicine consists of 1,250 undergraduate, 80 taught and 140 research postgraduate students. It has 370 academic and 340 other staff.

Medicine is a thriving and ambitious multidisciplinary faculty – a national leader in medical education, with an outstanding reputation for its combined expertise in research and teaching. It leads innovative learning and discovery across the lifecourse from before birth to the elderly, by investing in multi-disciplinary research teams, creative educational programmes and initiating external partnerships and collaborations. Its research encompasses the full spectrum, from fundamental discovery science to clinical innovation, and it has a particularly strong reputation for translating new discoveries into clinical practice.

Academic activity is located primarily on the Southampton General Hospital site, 15 minutes from the main Highfield campus.

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