Vietnam Military Medical University Faculty of Medicine, Viet Nam

Vietnam Military Medical University (with an original name as School of  Military Medicine), was found according to National Decree No 234/SL issued on 28th August 1948  and Ministerial Decree No 187/NĐ jointly issued on 4th October 1948 by Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. On 10th March 1949, School of Military Medicine opened the first course for military medical officers at Doi Tram in Tuan Lung village, Hoang Hoa ward, Tam Duong district, Vinh Phuc province. Thereafter, the date of 10th March was set as a foundation anniversary day of School. Up to now, School has passed through several eras with different names: School of Military Medicine (1949-1957), Military Officer Medical School (1957-1962), Institute of Military Medicine (1962-1966), Military Medical Collage (1966-1981), Vietnam Military Medical University (VMMU) (from 1981 up to now). From a small and simple basement, VMMU recently becomes a leading medical centre of the military and one of the big scientific centres in Vietnam. VMMU occupies these missions: to educate medical and pharmaceutical officers from primary training to graduated and post-graduated grades; to do medical researches and to perform clinical treatment.

Nowadays, VMMU includes two teaching hospitals, one Military Nursing Faculty; 11 functional offices; 20 departments of fundamental medicine, military medicine, general science, social science and humanities; 37 departments of clinical medicines and laboratories; 7 centres and 4 regiments of students’ managements. Communist Party system directly belonging to VMMU Party Executive Committee compromises: one basic and direct party executive committee, one 3rd-level party executive committee, ten 2nd-level basic party executive committees and 32 basic party groups of party executive committee.

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