Centro Latinoamericana de Economia Humana (CLAEH) Facultad de Medicina, Uruguay

The Latin American Center for Human Economics (CLAEH) was founded in Montevideo in 1957 on the basis of a democratic, pluralist, humanist and supportive inspiration. Since then, during its more than fifty years of existence, it has carried out research, promotion and mediation of social development, training and continuing education at various levels of higher … Read more

Universidad de la República Facultad de Medicina, Uruguay

The Medical School of Montevideo was founded by decree of December 15, 1875 with two chairs, the Anatomy and Physiology. The foundation is part of the common education law (1877) and the civil registry (1879) in the struggle that at that time engaged liberal and progressive trends in our country, against the most reactionary redoubts. In that … Read more

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