Centro Latinoamericana de Economia Humana (CLAEH) Facultad de Medicina, Uruguay

The Latin American Center for Human Economics (CLAEH) was founded in Montevideo in 1957 on the basis of a democratic, pluralist, humanist and supportive inspiration. Since then, during its more than fifty years of existence, it has carried out research, promotion and mediation of social development, training and continuing education at various levels of higher education.

In 1997, after 40 years of work, CLAEH decided to express and project its academic and teaching experience through its constitution as a University Institute (IU), a statute established in the current norms of Uruguay and recognized in this case by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) in October of that year.

Since then, the IU CLAEH has developed an academic proposal aimed mainly at training at the graduate and master’s levels, research in social sciences, publishing of publications and training of human resources. It has the Faculties of Medicine and Law in the headquarters of Maldonado-Punta del Este.

In 2010 the CLAEH inaugurated the Faculty of Culture. There a vast team of teachers imparts a university degree course unique in the country: the Degree in Cultural Management. Its mission: to promote the emergence of a new generation of professionals trained in the management, administration and promotion of cultural projects, institutions and enterprises in all its forms.

In 2013 the first graduates graduate: they are a good part of the current drivers of the new Uruguayan cultural movement.

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