Amur State Medical Academy, Russia

Amur State Medical Academy is a public university located in Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast, Russia. Blagoveshchensk is administrative center of Amur Oblast, Russia. Amur State Medical Academy was founded in 1952 by order of the Council of Ministers, as Blagoveshchensk State Medical Institute. It is one of the best and the oldest Medical Universities of the Russian … Read more

Astrakhan State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development, Russia

Astrakhan is situated in the south of the European part of Russia. This is the very place where Europe meets Asia, and the cultures of the two nations intertwine closely. In this region the representatives of various religions live in harmony: Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Jews and others. One may experience here the unity of the … Read more

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Bashkir State Medical University has been licensed by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation to train international students. Today this University is a big scientific establishment where fundamental, applied and methodical scientific researchers are carried out. In the unity of scientific, educational and therapeutic processes seen today and the future of Bashkir State Medical University, and … Read more

Belgorod National Research University Faculty of General Medicine and Pediatrics, Russia

Belgorod State National Research University is called upon to solve research problems of international and national scale, and also on the basis of synthesis of the educational, scientific, social and cultural functions of the university, to prepare professionals who will ensure the competitiveness of Russia and Belgorod region in the global socio-economic space, preserve and … Read more

Buryat State University, Russia

Buryat State University is institution of higher education, one of the leading educational and scientific centers of Siberia and the Russian Far East, located in the city of Ulan-Ude, Buryat Republic, Russia. Courses are taught in Russian and Buryat. It was established in 1932 as the Buryat State Teachers’ Training College, and became a university in 1995. It is a member of … Read more

Chuvash State University Medical Faculty, Russia

Chuvash State University is a classical university in the city of Cheboksary in Chuvash Republic of Russian Federation. Chuvash State University has branches in the cities of Canas and Alatyr, as well as in the Chuvash State University in Batyrevo village of Chuvash Republic. On September 5, 1967 by the Order of the Ministry of Higher … Read more

Crimea Federal University, Russia

Crimea Federal University is one of the top universities of Russia. The medicine of general faculty is one of the top priorities of Indian Students for MBBS in Russia.Itistheinstitutionofhighereducationsituatedin Simferopol (Crimea,Russia). According to some independent estimation it is one of the most prominent medical schools of Russia. The University has 6 faculties and 54 departments. … Read more

Dagestan State Medical Academy, Russia

Dagestan State Medical Institute was established in1932. The Institute is located in Makhachkala city. It is the capital of Dagestan Republic. Makhachkala is a well-built and picturesque modern city. From the early years of the establishment of the Institute, Dagestan Medical Institute has possessed limited theoretical and clinical base and had only therapeutic faculty. About … Read more

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University formerly known as the Immanuel Kant Russian State University or in brief the Kant University and as Kaliningrad State University (1967-2005), is a university in the Russian city of Kaliningrad. The university claims to maintain the traditions of its German predecessor, the German University of Königsberg. The former University of Königsberg was commonly known as the Albertina. It was East Prussia’s sole university and was … Read more

Ingush State University, Russia

Ingush State University is a public university in Magas, Republic of Ingushetia. It was founded in 1994 and considered to be one of the youngest public universities in Russia. With 10 faculties and 42 academic departments the university is the biggest higher education institution in the region. Shortly after a partition of Chechen-Ingush ASSR and establishment the Republic of Ingushetia in June 4, … Read more

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